St. Mary's Orphan Asylum for Boys and Girls

by Carol O'Beirne Carman


The orphans with parents.
Some children came as babies and stayed until they were 18 .
Some stayed for years.
Some came for a short stay.
Some had siblings
Some were alone.
All but 4 were had at least one parent.
Some of the children had communication with their parents.
Some had none.
Some experienced abuse, physical and psychological,
Some did not.
Some children learned to "get along"
Some were unable.
Some of "US" still are, in our hearts.


There are so many memories, good and bad, to numerous to mention here. Things you do not remember except when speaking to an "OTHER".

Orphanages served a purpose. There was structure, education, close relationships, tears, laughter and sharing. Our families were in chaos and placed us in St. Mary's or one parent died and the other parent unprepared to raise the children. For what ever the reason we children were placed in the orphanage, let me say this, only we can understand that experience and it can be difficult to discuss it with others including our own children, friends or spouses. With each other the words come easy.

Thank you from "US" to you for this opportunity to write about ST. MARY'S ORPHANAGE.

Carol O'Beirne Carman

Carol O'Beirne Carman wishes to correspond with anyone who was at St. Mary's Orphan Asylum.


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