North Newark Part 2

by Don Treadwell


I went to live with my grandfather, George Hagel, and his wife Catherine, at 281 Lake Street right across from Branch Brook Park. in 1932. I went to school at Sacred Heart near Park Ave where the Cathedral was still being built. We would go to the movies - the Embassy and the Regent (I think) and on Friday it was dish night. All of the kids got dragged along so more dishes could be purchased.

Newark was a city of parades - Easter, St Pat's day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a great town to grow up in. Safe and lots to offer. Lots of statues in the parks downtown. Tony used to drive his horse drawn wagon past our house every day . In the summer he sold ices in a cup and in the winter you could buy a sweet potato for a penny.

Louie the butcher had a shop on Bloomfield Ave not too far from the "car barn" where they parked the trolleys. Louis had the ruddiest cheeks and everyone said it was from drinking the blood of the animals. A kid would believe anything. I recall he'd grab our cheeks between his finger and thumb and lovingly shake our heads. You bought butter out of the tub - lard too. Tasty Bread had a promotional loaf about four inches long that you got for a penny.

Newark was great...


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