The Broadway Boys Club

by Danny Buckley


At the corner or Broadway and Arlington Avenue in the North Ward was the Broadway Boys Club, one of several Boys Clubs in Newark in the 60s. I can't speak of all the things learned in this building and around it, but I am certain of these:

how to shoot pool
how to play ping pong
how to swim
how to flip (we called it pitch) baseball cards
how to play basketball
how to play baseball

Also, and more importantly:

How to get along with others
How to respect my elders
How to accept people of all races and national origins
How to be a leader, not a follower

The Broadway Boys Club had some memorable employees and club members. Some of the names I recall who kept the place running and made it a great place to be were Dominic Maltese, Abalou Visco, Foster Badgeley, Pete Ryan and Anthony Caruso. Some of those who were members, a little older than me and what today are referred to as mentors were Howie and Frank Louie, Jimmy McCagg and Dave Richardson. There were many memorable people with memorable names and nicknames such as Petey Adams, Vinnie the Monk, Froggy, Bobby Bear and Mop.

The thing that was most remarkable, in my mind, about the Broadway Boys Club, is that the mebers basically came from within about a 3/4 mile radius of the club. There were many members because there were several large families with boys such as the Davis' (Dexter, Darryl and another 'D' name or 2), the D'Andrea (Johnny G, Billy and Dave) and Martuccis (Joe and Bobby) were cousins, The Irvings (Edley & crew), Turners (Jace and Brian), Gamma (Joe and Jimmy), Gilroy (Danny, Robert, Joe, Tommy), Bell cousins (Larry, Robert and Gary, Bobby and Tommy), Monroig (Angelo and Rich), Cebula (John & Bobby) and Palestina (Joe, Tommy and Bobby). And of course, my brothers and I.

Perhaps others can share Boys Club memories. I've got many more myself.


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