Newark Out West

by Charles McGrath

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Every since I was a little boy I had a love of the West. Horses, steers, cowboys and Indians. I loved them all. I would have done anything to become part of it.

Two years ago my wife and I decided to do something different. We decided to get our own cattle brand. We applied to the state of Colorado. It was my wife's idea to call it the "Lazy M". It was the letter "M" laying on its side on a single bar ( like a bed ). The state had to research it like they would a land deed. We complimented our quest by having a blacksmith from Ohio forge us a branding iron.

In Douglas, Arizona there is a very unique hotel that is truly a part of the Old West. It's called the Gadsden Hotel and was proclaimed a National Historic Monument by the National Register of Historic Places. This means it will be preserved forever. Not unlike the Ford Mansion (Washington's Headquarter ) in Morristown.

The tavern portion of the hotel is called the "Saddle and Spur Tavern". The walls of this room are covered with registered cattle brands that go back over 70 years. We chose to have to have our registered brand added to the wall.

The pictures of the two Mexicans was before it was added to the wall. It was painted above the letter "A" at the right shoulder of the Mexican in the blue shirt.

My wife is pointing to our cattle brand after it was added to history. (see the above picture).

Now there is a little bit of "Old Newark" in the Old West.

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