How did we ever survive all that sugar?

by Harry T. Roman

There were no diet colas or other soft drinks when we grew up. All our drinks were the high octane sugary blasts of concentrated energy--the real thing. Saccharin was for your grandparents who had to watch their sugar intake.

Give soda to a young child along with some chocolate and what you got there folks is rocket fuel. Surprised NASA never tried to use it in their rockets. I guess it might have left a really messy brown trail of bubbles and chocolate mist.

Remember the rush from a glass of Coke! They said Coke and PEPSI and other drinks would do all sorts of things to us from rotting out our bellies to giving us all sorts of internal maladies. Why if it can take paint off a car, it must be able to do bad things to our insides. Yet somehow we survived.

And while we drank that sugar, we ate all those other terrible sugary things like Twinkies, Ring Dings, Funny Bones, Butterfingers, cotton candy, bubble gum, candied applies, and Bonomo's Turkish Taffy. Oh the dentist bills our parents' envisioned us incurring, with each mouthful of sweet stuff. But I'll bet there are still quite a few original teeth in our mouths.

Come-on be many of you lived to tell about pigging-out on penny candy at the local candy store? Of course you did. May have gotten one heck of a belly-ache, but you endured.

Remember the taste of a Dugan's cupcake and that deliciously sweet thick icing? How about those cream doughnuts with confectionary sugar and icing on top! Ever lick Mom's icing bowl after she finished a cake? You are still here to read these words.

Can you remember any of your friends dying from excessive sugar intake. All that sugar may have driven your parents a little goofy, and gotten your teacher upset, but you came through all right. did we survive all that sugar?!!


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