St. Casimir's

by Barbara Czornek Conklin


My Parish was St. Casimir's.
I went to religious classes on Tuesday and Thursday.
So, I could make my Communion and Conformation.
Going to a Public School I had to after school.
Sister Supior taught the classes.
We had a question and answer book. We had to remember.
I still remember the first one.
Who made the world?
God made the world.

Where is God?
God is everywhere.
Out of all the books I think everyone remembers those two questions.

We went to 12:00 mass. Then to spend Sunday at our grandparent's house.

Everyone was dressed up. The men in a suit and tie.
The woman all wore skirts or dresses. And always wore a hat.
Back then Sunday was a day of rest.

You had to go to confession before you could receive communion.
You didn't eat or drink anything after midnight.
If you did you couldn't receive the next day.

Even though I belonged to St. Casimir's', I chose to
get married in St. Aloysius.
I know you always went to the girl's church, but we moved into the Pru.
So, I choose to join Richie's Parish.
We were married there.
All of our children were Baptized there.
We made the right choice.
It will be 40 years since we said our vows at St. Aloysius.


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