Father Preston's Dog

by Jack Keegan


Father Preston's dog, I think he was an Irish Terrier, would walk with the good priest on his walks through the parish streets visiting members of the church. On many occasions the two would walk down Christie Street towards Brill Street. Sometimes the dog would cross over to the south side of Christie and lope along.

On this day the gate to 185 Christie was open. Drinking from a bowl were several kittens. The dog, seeing them, started to charge and get them. Unknown to him, two Mother cats were snoozing on top of the fence, the next thing he knew was he was hit by two Flying Tigers.

Both were on his back biting and clawing. At this point the best defense for him was retreat. Doing a quick about, Crossing Christie he headed up Brill, finally lost the last mother cat as he passed Ryan's heading north. Never again did he cross to the south side of Christie Street. To him it was a lesson well learned.


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