School Field Trip

by Jack Keegan


My first and only field trip in grammar school trip was great. We left Hawkins Street, walked to Ferry Street, down Ferry to Chapel. Down Chapel we go, to Raymond Blvd. On the Blvd we enter the Bryers Ice Cream Plant.

On going in we are greeted by a hostess. She takes us through the whole plant, from the loading dock where all the ingredients arrived. Next, it's the room where they mix the ice cream, then on to where it is packed into those brown round cardboard containers that you would see in your ice cream store.

After that journey we all are taken to a large room, somewhat like a dining room. Here we are all seated, two or three to a table. And we are introduced to the ingredients that go into the different flavors. We are each given samples of peaches, strawberries, pecans, walnuts and pieces of chocolate.

Next comes the piece de resistance, we are all given a plate of our favorite, from the available kinds. I order chocolate, still to this day my favorite. To this day I only buy Bryers, that s brand loyalty, see what a childhood memory can do.


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