House Moving

by Jack Keegan

The house that I lived in was at 185 Christie Street, with my Father's foundry in the back. My father wanted to expand the foundry's facilities, so he purchased a lot at 162 Brill Street to move his residence to. A excavation was dug at that lot, with a real Steam Shovel. A new foundation for the house was constructed of concrete block.

Across on Christie Street, holes were punched in the old house foundation and large timbers were inserted. The whole house was jacked up, and slid on a sort of wooden trestle. It was pulled by a heavy line around a capstan. First across the intersection, then about 100 feet up Brill Street.

The truck with the capstan was relocated at back of house. Now building was pulled back towards the lot. The house was positioned, and jacks lowered it to sit on new foundation.

I had Scarlet Fever at the time and the house was quarantined with a huge Yellow Sign on the front door. All my siblings were farmed out to relatives and friends. Not one window or picture was broken and no walls were cracked.

A really great job in the mid 20's.

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