Down Neck Roller Rink

by Jack Keegan

Most of Down Neck streets were paved with cobble stones, red brick or creosoted wooden blocks. With the exception of Lentz Avenue, I believe. Thanks to the W. P. A. it was Black Topped. We now had our own Down Neck roller Rink, and really enjoyed it.

One of those who enjoyed it very much was the Reverend George Donovan , Pastor of the Trinity Reformed Church. One of his avocations was roller skating and he joined us on many an evening. We were thrilled to see him waltzing pirouetting and doing many other skating maneuvers.

Unbeknownst to many Down Neckers, the Good Pastor, out of his meager salary, purchased many pairs of roller skates for under privileged youngsters. Helping them have the pleasure of using the Down Neck roller rink. The Pastor and my father although of different faiths were very good friends. He was a true man of God.


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