Bambergers Aero Club

by Jack Keegan


Does anyone remember the Bambergers Aero Club?

Not so much a Down Neck story but the experiences of a Down Neck youngster.

Bamberger s Department Store sponsored an Aero Club in the early thirties. Meetings were held on one of the upper floors of the store. Dues were very minimal, so that a number of youths could join.

Model airplane contests were held, both static and flying types. We all brought ours hoping to win some sort of prize. Miniature examples were judged on accurate representation of the real plane. Also color schemes and markings had to be exact.

Flying models were also exhibited, these were powered by rubber bands. You held the model in you hand and cranked backwards, this tightened up the rubber bands creating tension on them. When ready it was launched shoulder height across the room, flying perhaps twenty to thirty feet before running out of elastic band power.

Remember this was before miniature internal combustion engines hade been developed.


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