Telephone Tricks

by Jack Keegan


A few of the things we did to amuse ourselves.

One was to call a candy store and ask them if they had "Prince Albert" in a can. If the answer was yes we said, "Why don't you let him out?"

Another was to call people and ask if the street light in front of their house was lit. If the answer was yes we asked them to blow it out.

We had the callback number used by the technicians for the New Jersey Bell System they used to check if your phone was working. You deposited a nickel and dialed that number, shortly the phone rings and an innocent person answers it, all he hears is dial tone. After many and many hellos and who's there he finally slams down the receiver in disgust. You must be quick when he hangs up to retrieve your nickel.

We had several other tricks, but they have been lost in the mists of time.


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