Water Bombs

by Jack Keegan


Another trick was dropping water filled balloons from rooftops. A large Three Story apartment house was located on the corner of Brill and Ferry Streets, next to Engine 16 Firehouse. Balloons filled with water were carried to the roof by means of a back stairway, which led to the roof.

Poised with water bombs we waited the appearance of targets of opportunity. When quarry moved into position, missiles plunged down. A few were hits, others were misses. Some people took it all in fun, others responded differently. Looking up they then raced around the house and began the run up the back stairway, hoping to catch the miscreants.

Unknown to them was our escape route, jumping to the Fire House roof that was about three feet lower and across the alleyway. It was then to the Fire Station roof exit, opening it and descending to the Fire Mans quarters.

As we were well acquainted with most members of the engine company, we passed them with a wink and a nod from them. It was then down to the equipment floor and a conversation with the watch Officer.

For a very long time that evasion path was unknown.

Just some more fun Down Neck.


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