Christmas 1928 - Lionel Trains

by Jack Keegan


1928 was a good year ,it was about three years before the Great Depression took effect. My Fathers business was going along very well and things looked great.

Uncle Pat (remember him) was working at the City Market on Mulberry Street selling Christmas Trees. The one that he picked out for our family could have made it as the City Christmas Tree in Military Park. My Father had to saw off about four feet from the top and bottom so that it would fit in our living room.

Santa came and delivered many presents. Among them where what was known a Sidewalk Bike. It had wheels about 12" in diameter and was chain driven.

The greatest present was a set of Standard Gauge Lionel Electric Trains consisting of an Electric Type Locomotive colored Blue, an Orange Cattle Car, White Refrigerated Car, Blue Gondola Car, Dark Green Flatcar with a load of Lumber a Green Caboose. Included was an oval layout of track. Many enjoyable hours were spent operating these toys.

Over the years they provided countless hours of childhood pleasure. As time past more and more accessories were added until it almost outgrew the living room.

After numerous years of functioning drive wheel axels enlarged the holes in the chassis causing the wheels to wobble. A Brother in Law, Joe Romano who worked for Lionel picked up the Loco and brought it to there shop. Many of the workers had been around when my trains were built. They removed the wheels and axels drilled the chassis and installed bearing for the axels. Since that time the locomotive runs extremely well.

Several years ago I transferred the set to one of my daughters. Each year the are in operation under her Christmas Tree, seventy five plus years and still great ,operating very well.


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