Down Neck

by Charlie Bazata

Our home was in the center of a "metropolis" at 124 Elm Street. Pacific Avenue, a couple of hundred feet from the house, ended at Elm. On one corner was Erne clothing store and on the opposite corner a drugstore. Next door to the drug store was a barber shop. The barber shop had at least 100 shaving mugs on the shelves. Fellows coming in for a haircut and shave had their own mug.

Across from those stores, on Elm Street was Pensas' ice cream parlor where we would buy ice cream; ONLY on someone's birthday!

Next door to our house was Schwarz's bakery. I could smell the baking when I got up in the morning. The ovens were under the sidewalk and in the winter when it snowed, theirs was the only dry sidewalk. Next to the bakery was a saloon.

Across the street was an A&P on the corner. I had a job there, for a time, weighing out butter from bulk into small packages; same with sugar and I also ground coffee. Next to the A&P was the butcher shop. Everything needed for every day living was within walking distance. And milk and eggs were delivered to our front door (ice to our back porch). The coal was poured down a chute into the basement.

The trolley car came up Pacific Avenue, turned left on Elm and then right on Union Street (almost right in front of our house). And I remember when the trolleys were still pulled by horses!

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