Newark Drive-In

by Dolores "Dee" Boutureira


Well, I'm gonna give a "high five" mention, to a now gone Newark landmark. The Newark Drive-In movie!! I saw many a Hammer Productions (Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing) DRACULA Horror movies there, along with all of Clint Eastwood's spaghetti westerns - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, A Fistfull of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More...and Steve McQueen's movie, BULLET - with the best ever classic "car chase", up and down the roller coaster streets of San Francisco. WOWWWW! And always 2 movies shown, not just one.

Now, c'mon...I know the Newark Drive-In wasn't attended by only DN'ers. Was another meeting place for all, whether a carload full, or in separate cars. The snack building. Those little green things you burned in the car, to keep the summertime mosquitoes away from you...hah. The heaters for the fall/winter months...and the speakers hung on your car...that sometimes squawked, if they were faulty...and finding yourself driving away with it, if you forgot to put it back on its stand. LOLOL

I remember one particular winter night, quite vividly. It was cold and already a light snow was falling. My then boyfriend and I decided we would go to the Drive-In anyway (the things you do when Me, being 16 at the time, had a curfew time to be home. So, off we go - set the heater up in the car, had a blanket too - because the heater wasn't gonna be quite warm enough. Got some goodies to eat/drink and were ready for the movies. Well, between the heater and the blanket, along with the COLD outside...we fell asleep. Next thing we know we hear knocking on the car door, which woke us up immediately. We hear a voice saying, is all ok, and that the place was closing, and we had to leave. We couldn't see a thing out of the car windows, as they were covered in snow. Yes, the snow fall picked up quite fast. My boyfriend then opened the window, and said ok. When we cleared the windshield off, we saw that we were the only car left in the place. How embarrassing that was. Besides that, we saw the time, and I was past curfew. Now I had to go home, where both me and my boyfriend, had to explain (foremost) to my Dad, what had happened. Hoping he'd believe it, because it really was the TRUTH. Really was funny though. Good thing we didn't leave the car running - we mighta croaked...hmmmm, maybe a song woulda been written about us then, on the order of Teen Angel. LOLOLOLOL


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