Taking walks along Elizabeth Ave

by Bette Ann (Marsh) Tiernan


Our aunt lived on Chancellor Ave. and we would walk from Milford Park almost to the Hillside line. I drove there recently only to be amazed that 58 Chancellor was as pristine in 2013 as it was in the 40's. My sister is visiting me here in Fla. and we are recalling our walks especially White Castles for .05 cents. I doubt we ate only one. In fact my sister just reminded me that our Mom clipped coupons for us. We are in 1940 to 1950.

The diner, Stashes just off Elizabeth Ave. The Tavern restaurant which was owned by a well known person maybe by the name of Traphagen. Need to research that. All were on our path. Anyway on through the park. Let's see if I can spell Quekwaack (no! Gotta look it up, Weequahic). But, the swings awaited and we would swing my sister and I.......

Aunt Net's house had Chinese Checkers and snacks and Nanna had an apt. That meant double treats. We might take Bergen St home and once I knew every cross street. Would just loved to do a tour before the snow comes. I bet I could fill a bus of Fla seniors from Newark. Anyone want to put a tour together?

Coming across Bergen Street would bring us past the library. We would turn down Bigelow street from the grammar school. We would pass where the police sat and some RR tracks all the way down to Johnson Ave. A left turn would take you to South Side HS and still does but it is now Malcolm Shabazz.

When I visited, I noted the expansions, the ball field, the busses, the players, the family cars, the bright uniforms, the happy faces, gone are the huge apt. blds along Johnson Ave. And along Milford Ave. But many homes have endured and look modern. What fun it would be to have an Octogenarian celebration in our city Newark, NJ.


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