Memories of Houses of Worship

2016.05.05, 14:23:07 Newark's Oldest Standing Synagogue Building by Nat Bodian
2016.05.04, 18:47:30 North Reformed Church by Jule Spohn
2006.11.01, 17:03:00 St. Columba and the Wigwam by Maureen O'Flaherty Groseclose
2005.12.27, 20:26:43 Newark, My Home Town! by Greg Reissner
2004.10.25 Monsignor Ernesto D-Aquila by Jule Spohn
2003.07.17 St. Casimir's by Barbara Czornek Conklin
2003.07.17 St. Antoninus by Jule Spohn
2002.08.24 St. Francis Choir by Harry T. Roman