Footnote 2:

Excerpt from New York Times report on Norton's third-round knock-out of Jim Frawley that appeared on May 17, 1882:

When the time was called for the third round, it was apparent that Mr. Norton would soon finish Mr. Frawley. Mr. Norton chased Mr. Frawley all around the ring, pounding Mr. Frawley on the face and body at each step. At length, Mr. Norton struck Mr. Frawley in the pit of the stomach with his sledge-hammer-like fist and Mr. Frawley lay on the floor as quiet as a corpse in the Morgue. Mr. Frawley was bleeding from unnumbered gashes and was certainly a frightening spectacle.

One of his seconds threw up the sponge, and as the delighted spectators cheered, Mr. Roke, the referee, declared that Mr. Norton had won the fight.

(and later in the same New York Times report):

The hawkeyed Brooklyn Police officers arrived about 5 minutes after Mr. Frawley had ceased to be a fighter. The spectators had wisely lost no time in disappearing from the place at the finish of the fight, but Mr. Frawley, being unable to disappear, was captured and taken to Police Headquarters in Brooklyn and thence to the Washington Street Police station, where he was locked up.