"Firsts" of Victor J. "Buddy" Brown During His Lifetime as a Promoter
First to stage dance marathons in the 1920s

  • First to run outdoor swimming ballets (Held in Dreamland Park, Newark, N. J.)

  • First to stage head-on crash of two locomotives as viewer event

  • First to stage automobile polo, using players in cars instead of on horses

  • First to come up with idea of roller derby (all male) in 1932

  • First to develop roller skating as a competitive sport

  • First to stage competitions between speed roller skater and champion track runner

  • First to introduce Rodeos in the East and to Madison Square Garden

Two Victor J. Brown Superlatives

  • Built largest outdoor boxing arena in New Jersey in Dreamland Park in 1929. Promoted numerous boxing title fights there between 1929 and 1935

  • Built America's largest roller rink (prior to World War II) at Frelinghuysen Avenue and Virginia Street, Newark, opened Friday, October 10, 1941 at 7:30 P. M.