1. Though I started in 1937, when the news office was called the Metropolitan News Service, run by Stu Morrison, who wrote the Ledger horse-racing column "Stu Morrison's Best Bets", one Friday night in 1938 Morrison left to pick up the office payroll and disappeared. Sid Dorfman, then second in charge at the office, took over operation of the office and renamed it the Dorf Feature Service.

Sid rewarded himself as new office head with Dorf Feature Press Card No. l. Sid gave me a Dorf Feature Service Press Card with the number 0 (zero) on it. (That card is now framed over my office desk along with my 1937 Metropolitan News Service Press Card No. 48).

Sid Dorfman is still running the Dorf Feature Service as an integral part of the Star-Ledger operation 62 years later with more than 100 employees at its peak and occupying 8,000 square feet of office space at its current Mountainside quarters.

I was a guest at the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Dorf Feature Service on April 26, 1987 at the L'Affaire restaurant in Mountainside. Many Star-Ledger luminaries and Dorf Feature Service alumni were present.