4. When Doc Ellenstein opened his dental office on High Street, corner of Court Street, High Street was one of Newark's most picturesque thoroughfares, and studded with many historical institutions.

There were two hospitals, the Beth Israel at the corner of West Kinney and High Streets, and St. Barnabas, a block further away towards Clinton Avenue.

Because of this, High Street from 13th Avenue south to Clinton Avenue contained a denser population of physicians, surgeons and dentists than any other section in Essex County.

Such names as Drs. Marcus and Edwin Seidman, Dr. S. Hirschberg, Dr. F. R. Hausling, Dr. Louis Schwartz, Dr. Louis Reich, Dr. Edwin Steiner, Dr. Jacob Palevsky, and Dr. Morris Dubois were among the more prominent medical practitioners on High Street.

High Street dentists, along with Dr. Ellenstein, were Dr. Marcus Strausberg and his son, George, who had dental offices at 565 High Street, Drs. Eugene Kelly and Richard Lowy at 549, Dr. Isadore G. Liss at 681, and Dr. N. Rubenstein at 735.

There were three synagogues on High Street and the owner of the Krueger Brewing Company, Gottfried Krueger, at 601 High Street, on the corner of Court Street across from the building where Doc Ellenstein's office was located.

The Feigenspan Mansion was at 710 High Street. It was the home of the brewery-owner Christian Feigenspan, whose father founded the Feigenspan Brewing Company in Newark in 1868.