2. When he set up his labor and public relations firm in 1950, he still maintained his office in the Academy Building, 17 Academy Street, Room 915.

Seymour Pierce, a retired Newark mailman, remembers delivering mail to Ellenstein's office. He recalled for this footnote: "He was tall, gray, and handsome. He could have portrayed a politician in the movies."

Ellenstein's Son, Robert

Little did Pierce know that in those very years when he delivered mail to the former Newark mayor that Ellenstein's son, Robert, was a budding movie actor who would go on to fame on both television and the silver screen.

He had majored in theatre arts at the University of Iowa.

An Incident at The Tavern

In the late 1940s, Ellenstein's son visited his father at the Newark City Hall. He brought along with him a former University of Iowa classmate, Al Bodian (my younger brother) who related this anecdote to me for this footnote.

Then an ex-mayor and city commissioner, Ellenstein invited his son and my brother, Al, to accompany him to the Tavern Restaurant for a late luncheon. Arriving at the Elizabeth Avenue eatery, they were stopped at the door by the Tavern host who said my brother Al could not enter because he was not wearing a jacket.

The ex-mayor looked the Tavern host in the eye and ordered: "Give him yours!! A jacket was quickly found and the trio entered the restaurant.